Can I Replace One Or More Missing Teeth With Dental Implants?

a picture of a dental professionals gloved hand holding a dental implant.

Dental Implants in Melbourne, FL are by far the best solution for missing teeth. The loss of even a single tooth can be devastating to a patient’s surrounding teeth. These problems can also extend beyond a patient’s oral health and have negative effects on their social life. A patient’s appearance, chewing ability and self-confidence are […]

What Are The Steps To Getting Dental Implants?

an image of a dental implant model showing the dental implant post placed in the model gumline, the abutment hovering over the implant post, and the dental crown hovering over the abutment and the screw.

Tired of dealing with complicated dental issues, like missing or damaged teeth? Great news, there is luckily a solution to help patients who have these problems. While there are many types of dental restorations patients can choose from, dental implants in Melbourne, FL give patients the functionality of their bite back. Dental implants also provide […]

How To Finance Dental Implant’s

a picture of a dental patients hand using a calculator to calculate the cost of dental implants

Dental implants are a popular treatment for restoring the teeth that have been lost due to tooth decay, fracture, or other dental problems. A trusted doctor may recommend dental implants if a patient is currently experiencing any of these issues, or if it is believed that this option may be the best restorative treatment for […]

The Four Types Of Dental Implant Restorations

an image of a dental implant model that shows a dental implant placed in the gumline, surrounded by natural teeth models.

A trusted doctor may recommend dental implants in Melbourne, FL if a patient is experiencing missing, crooked, or damaged teeth. There are four types of dental implant restorations that can be used to replace missing teeth. These four types of restorations are single dental implants, implant-supported bridges, full mouth acrylic (pmma), and full arch zirconia. […]

Will I Be In Pain After Getting A Dental Implant?

an image of a dental implant model, showing the dental implant post and dental prosthesis

Dental implants in Melbourne, FL offer many benefits that can make them a preferable option over traditional dental treatments. Compared to traditional dental treatments, dental implants are more permanent and can offer a more natural look. Dental implants also do not require any special maintenance and can be cleaned just like normal teeth. Additionally, a […]