Wickham Dental Care has re-opened and we are back to doing what we do best—building healthy smiles. Most importantly, in the post COVID-19 aura, we are providing a welcoming safe haven for our patients.

We have taken all of the ADA and CDC recommended steps to ensure a pristine environment, but we have gone even one step beyond. The ventilation in our state of the art dental operatory has been upgraded to a negative room pressure system, the same kind that is used in hospitals and medical centers to isolate contagious disease and prevent circulation of contaminated air. This system operates with a pressure release mechanism that pulls treated pure fresh air inward through HEPA filters and then re-filters or irradiates the air in circulation before venting it to the outside environment. This system allows our treatment spaces to be free of all contaminated particles that could possibly have entered our air.

We are determined that all patients treated at Wickham Dental Care will feel perfectly comfortable and secure when visiting the office. We monitor every aspect of cleanliness from the air we breathe to the surfaces we touch to the instruments we hold in our gloved hands. We are entirely confident that we have provided the most sterile conditions possible for dental treatment. That has always been our motto and our new air flow is the icing on the cake!