Preventive Care

Oral health is at its best when natural teeth are meticulously preserved.

Preventive Dentistry still scores high at Wickham Dental Center. Routine hygiene care and thorough monitoring of teeth and gum tissue are the best ways to preserve a smile. Dr. Kumar’s hygiene team will recommend optimum home care habits and products. A naturally healthy smile contributes to overall health and fitness and is the the first goal of the Wickham team.

Dental implants have become a prime focus of the Implant Preserve because for many patients they are a miraculous solution for the eradication of significant dental disease; however, not every patient requires dental implants to keep their smile attractive and healthy. The Wickham team includes professional specialists who provide routine orthodontic and periodontic care to keep teeth functionally aligned and gums free of inflammation. These preventive measures reduce the likelihood of decay and the need for restorative dental care.

Oral Exams and Cleanings

Our team recommends patients get two exams and professional cleanings annually to detect existing and potential problems with the health of your teeth and gums. Your oral exam includes a comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Kumar. Your cleaning will remove plaque and tartar build up from teeth above the gum line and is performed by our dental hygienist.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer symptoms are often not visible until the disease has progressed, therefore making early diagnosis and treatment critical to your health. At Wickham Dental Care, Dr. Kumar offers this quick and painless screening during routine dental exams. We recommend the procedure once a year for non-tobacco users, and twice a year for patients who use tobacco products.


Dental sealants provide a protective layer over your teeth to help prevent tooth decay. The sealant material is applied directly to the surface of the tooth to prevent bacteria from getting into the spaces between your teeth. This procedure is often recommended for children as a preventative measure against cavities.

Smile With Confidence