Wickham Dental Care cherishes and safeguards professionalism. Professionalism is an often heard word but one that has been egregiously diluted and misrepresented in our times. Wickham Dental Care is real deal professionalism, undiluted and robust with integrity; it is fully apparent from the moment a patient or a guest opens their door.

Professionalism is not walls filled with dental implant achievements. It is not a staff decked with high fashion matching scrubs or a bank of technologically advanced computers that can spin out information in a split second. It is not a convenience bar in the reception area, nor brightly painted cheerful walls. It is not even talent or skilled hands. All of these are important attributes of a very well run dental care facility, but none of them define professionalism. The word is not about tangibles that meet and please the eye. It is about an inner gift that grows ever rarer, but one that is alive and well at Wickham Dental Care.

Professionalism is born of respect for every person, no age, color, creed, or disability excepted. It means that one is greeted with hospitality, made as comfortable as possible, listened to with compassionate, attentive ears and made to feel a first priority throughout an appointment time. It begins with the red carpet entrance signaling how important every patient is to this technologically upscale center for both simple and advanced dental care, and it carries through the doctors’ warm and attentive chairside manner.

Professionalism means that the treatment plan is custom designed for each and every patient, serving their dental needs both functionally and esthetically in the most streamlined and efficient way possible. The plan is never designed to benefit the providers; it is an integrity filled plan of treatment to totally benefit the patient. Wickham Dental Care is an environment where respect for one another is a core value of the practice. It is a place that can be trusted for every aspect of oral health from a simple but thorough hygiene visit to the most complex prosthetic tooth replacement built upon pristine dental implants.

Some concepts, like professionalism, are most easily defined by experience rather than words. To absorb first class professionalism in its fullest dimension, a visit to this center for world-class dentistry is in order.