The September Smile

The September Smile

As September approaches, most families feel the sense of newness that comes from starting a brand new school year. Stores look forward to the hoards of shoppers purchasing backpacks and school supplies, as well as all of those home goods used to furnish dormitory...

The September Smile

Dental Care: It’s All About You!

Comprehensive dental care includes whole body wellness of the patient and collaborates with all medical specialties to ensure patient safety and comfort. This is true not only in preparation for extensive dental treatment such as dental implant surgery, but also as a...

Coming Soon:  The Grandest “Open Wide!”

Coming Soon: The Grandest “Open Wide!”

Over the last half-century, dental implants have rapidly evolved from a many layered treatment protocol with healing in stages to streamlined procedures that doctors call “immediate loading” and patients have come to know as my new teeth in just one day! Dental...

Helping out a Veteran

Daniel Byrd is a United States Veteran who served on the USS William V. Pratt,came home and fell on tough times! After hearing about Daniel and reading his story Dr. Kumar decided he wanted to give back to Daniel, so he donated Dental Implants to Daniel to help him feel better about himself and have the confidence to take on life in a whole new way! Thank you for your service, Daniel!

Thank You for Your Service

Thank You for Your Service

The police do a lot of things to protect and serve the community. Wickham dental care appreciates this and wants to give back to the community as well. Dr. Kumar has donated dental implants to this officer, A single mother and United States veteran to thank her for her service to the community!

A Mission to Make Children Smile

Our regular readers will recognize Dr. Sadesh Kumar. Wickham Dental is often making news–whether implementing the latest technology, or additions to his staff. In this case however, Dr. Kumar wanted to talk about a recent mission trip to India. In the spirit of...

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