Classic Beauty has as many definitions as there are sources for such an opinion. Particularly in our current world, diverse perspectives factor into the decision of what is appealing, uplifting and worthy of being deemed beautiful. We might all agree that chiseled and shapely are words that define feminine beauty and that tanned and muscular are attributes of the handsome man. Color in flawless skin, some large blue eyes, thick wavy hair, slightly plumped moist lips and we almost have the full picture. But what is often overlooked in creating this classic is the portrait of the smile. Beauty is diminished and often completely extinguished by an unsymmetrical, gray or yellow smile. The value of this piece of the puzzle sometimes weighs more than all the others put together in evaluating beauty.

Today’s dental offices are as much focused on esthetics as they are on keeping teeth healthy and functional. Modern tools and digital enhancements allow the skilled practitioner to shape, color and even totally replace teeth with minimal invasiveness and in very short periods of time. The trademarked Teeth in a Day™ dental implant procedure permits dramatic smile changes to take place in a single visit after elaborate planning with sophisticated software. In the hands of the dentist, true beauty can be achieved where nature may have left a glaring deficit.

Wickham Dental Care provides the highest level of dental care possible, but they are also intensively tuned to showcasing classically beautiful smiles. Their own runway inside the main entrance includes a royal red carpet with stanchions, symbolic of what is to come in the planning and delivering of attractive brand-new smiles. Incomparable sums of money are spent annually on cosmetic, hair and diet products that contribute to self enhancement, but a good smile, sparkling in perfect alignment speaks of classic beauty for men and women of all ages and has lasting internal and external value. It’s the attribute that lingers, often turns heads, and makes our world a more vibrant place to be.