No matter how one chooses to paint the precise picture of the first Thanksgiving Day, most Americans agree that it is both healthy and energizing to kick back from the daily rhythms of life to count our blessings in unison with everyone else across our Nation. Many of us will find that the good things in our lives far outweigh the shortfalls. From the aroma of a fresh cut wet lawn to a glorious full moon over a body of water, our senses take in countless vibrant experiences that we often fail to appreciate. Thanksgiving Day allows us the luxury to assign these things the value orientation that they deserve.

One of the most often “taken for granted” blessings is the power of the smile. For those who are blessed with a healthy one, the taste of Thanksgiving is paramount. These are the folks who can gnaw on a drumstick and devour seconds and thirds while others with less functional teeth struggle to chew the traditional fare with enjoyment. A healthy dentition, however, is not simply an asset to nourishing dining and digestive health. It has a critical impact on human emotion and the gift of spirit. The power of positivity cannot be challenged; a confident and attractive smile uplifts the whole person and propels them into a circle of life that is simply priceless.

At Wickham Dental Care, we are particularly thankful for those individuals who put their smiles in our hands and for all those whose expert care has helped to make that possible. We are fortunate to affect our community with health of body, mind and soul through endless innovative esthetic possibilities, and we are rewarded all year long with happy patients smiling back at us. We wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving, and gently suggest that if you are not counting your smile among your blessings this year, perhaps it is time to give yourself a Christmas gift!