Wickham Dental Care is accustomed to making people smile. It can be as simple as a sparkling tooth whitening or as dramatic as a complete dental implant makeover, but with all of their expertise in visual rehabilitation, this team has added an audio miracle to their wellness menu.

Snoring is an enormous life disruption that affects from thirty to fifty per cent of the American population. The patient who snores endures airway irregularities that can lead to sleep apnea, a dangerous, often undetected malady that may provoke stroke if left untreated. But equally important is the loss of sleep inflicted upon a spouse or partner who finds the grating noise in their ear night after night, both physically and emotionally degenerative.

Wickham Dental Care now offers a completely pain free snoring reduction therapy called Nightlase® which through their own internal findings has been proven to be ninety per cent effective. Nightlase® is a laser that very gently tapers thickness in the airway allowing night time breathing through the mouth to be significantly less restricted. In a single visit, snoring can be greatly reduced and even possibly totally eliminated.

A brand new smile can often be completely life-changing, but freedom from snoring can be equally impacting. Put the two together and you have the first day of the rest of your life! The Wickham Dental Care team is ready to tell you more about all of their pathways to physical and emotional rejuvenation. Gift the person you love most with a healthier you and a cozy, restful night of sleep.