As September approaches, most families feel the sense of newness that comes from starting a brand new school year. Stores look forward to the hoards of shoppers purchasing backpacks and school supplies, as well as all of those home goods used to furnish dormitory rooms. Next to the end of the year gift giving surrounding the holidays, this is the second biggest boom!

For those who are past this season of frenzy and only vaguely remember that flavor, there is another way to capture the newness. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry has designated September as Dental Implant Awareness Month. Even though these treatment plans have become the clear winner for preserving oral health, prospective patients have
unanswered questions about the success rate, the finances, the time commitment and the clinical details themselves. September is the time to schedule a visit and ask those questions in a welcoming “red-carpet” environment eager to launch a brand new smile custom designed just for you.

The team led by Dr. Sadesh Kumar at Wickham Dental Care will celebrate September with gusto. Their recently opened “Implant Preserve” is a jewel on the Space Coast for successful outcomes. Spacious and pristine, this state of the art facility boasts the most cutting edge and refined equipment to make every patient’s experience robustly positive and rewardingly successful. Fully complemented by the team’s skill, experience and caring spirits, Wickham is the ideal resource for capturing that September newness, for preserving oral health with dental implants, and for flashing a head-turning, enviable smile.