Comprehensive dental care includes whole body wellness of the patient and collaborates with all medical specialties to ensure patient safety and comfort. This is true not only in preparation for extensive dental treatment such as dental implant surgery, but also as a support system for maintaining optimum health through the duration of non-dental medical issues.

A healthy mouth and teeth contribute much more significantly to overall health and fitness than the average person might expect. A good preventive regiment with regular professional monitoring can very positively affect outcomes from medical treatments or diminish the side effects of potent drugs.

Cancer patients, especially, should seek dental expertise before and during radiation treatment and/or through the duration of chemotherapy. Many patients are more vulnerable to decay during these treatments and can experience dry mouth, changes in taste, jaw stiffness or sores inside the mouth. All of these annoying discomforts can be minimized.

Good home care is key in reducing the negative oral effects of cancer treatment. Frequent brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and consistent use of dental floss will help arrest decay, alongside a concentrated effort to avoid sugary foods and beverages.

Radiation, especially of the head and neck areas, tends to dry up the salivary glands causing the patient to experience dry mouth. Sipping water throughout the day or sucking on ice chips may alleviate that sensation. Sugar free chewing gum may also stimulate saliva production and a lanolin-based lip balm can be applied to avoid cracked lips.

Notify the dentist immediately when oral sores develop. Early treatment or removal of lesions can prevent small medical issues from becoming bigger problems. Quality dental care seeks to improve the overall health of the patient at all times; at Wickham Dental Center and the Implant Preserve, we are concerned with more than just your smile. We want it to be the beacon of your robust wellness.