Over the last half-century, dental implants have rapidly evolved from a many layered treatment protocol with healing in stages to streamlined procedures that doctors call “immediate loading” and patients have come to know as my new teeth in just one day!

Dental implants have boasted a very high success rate as a premiere solution to missing teeth from their inception, but technological advances, product development, scientific research and meticulous case studies have elevated this treatment modality to unparalleled levels of predictability. Dental implant treatment for a single tooth or an entire new smile (replacing dentures or compromised teeth) has become the state of the art in contemporary restorative dental care. The smile is no longer something to be maintained with regular patch jobs. It is an artist’s canvas where the doctor fuses science and art to design your most distinctive facial signature.

The skill and experience of the doctor is still the key ingredient in skyrocketing the success of dental implant care; however, many other factors contribute to enhancing the patient’s overall experience. Though minimally invasive and usually performed with local anesthesia, the instillation of dental implants is still a surgical procedure and excellence dictates that the setting for the treatment should meet hospital operating room standards. Pristine sterility can never be overstated; easy access to necessary equipment, proper surgical lighting and an embracing dental chair that brings comfort to the patient and procedural ease to the doctor all matter. These are the things that influence a dental implant patient’s experience from the anticipation to the final sparkling result.

Dr. Sadesh Kumar has invested the academic time to master dental implant protocols; now he is on the verge of opening wide the doors of his masterpiece dental implant surgery center.

Every aspect of Wickham Dental Center’s “Implant Preserve” is even beyond state of the art and will provide this already renowned team with a locally unparalleled venue for building healthy, enduring smiles. The “Grandest Open Wide” date will be posted soon.

Dental Implant Operatory

Expansion of Wickham Dental Care’s Dental Implant Preserve.