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Care That is Calm and Comfortable

Dr. Sadesh Kumar and our compassionate team of dental professionals aren’t just here to provide exceptional dental care, we consider you part of the family. Both new and existing patients will be met by our friendly and welcoming front desk staff where the spa-like atmosphere of our modern dental office envelops our patients, making them feel calm and relaxed. While our advanced dental office is equipped to provide comprehensive care that is unique to each of our patients by offering personalized treatment plans designed to reflect your dental needs, all the traditional sights, sounds and aromas of a dental office are missing, leaving our patients feeling comfortable about their upcoming visit. Our personalized approach integrated with decades of experience and advanced dental technology is what keeps patients coming back to Wickham Dental Care to keep their smiles healthy and long-lasting.

Our personalized approach integrated with decades of experience and advanced dental technology is what keeps patients coming back to Wickham Dental Care to keep their smiles healthy and long-lasting.

By offering a full range of in-office dental services, we can take care of almost all your dental needs and concerns under one roof. We are proud to offer our patients long-term solutions to their dental problems to restore and maintain their smiles. From routine care, dental implant placements and cosmetic dentistry, we are committed to helping you achieve the smile you have always wanted. Dedicated to punctuality, we want to ensure every minute of your visit with us is personable, positive and exceeding of your expectations.

Experience Advanced Dentistry

Driven by results and backed by science, Dr. Kumar consistently seeks the emerging science that provides each and every patient with the best possible dental solutions. While staying up-to-date with the most advanced dental technology and dental sciences, Dr. Kumar is equally as dedicated to esthetics. Creating smiles that fit our patients’ dental needs and smile goals perfectly and in a healthy manner is essential to what we do. Here at Wickham Dental Care, we understand that not every smile is the same. With this, we offer multiple customized dental treatment plans to create and maintain smiles that are natural, facially balanced, attractive and healthy. Being able to trust your dentist matters, Dr. Kumar prides himself on always having an expert understanding in the latest data to provide custom treatment options that best fit the patient’s goals based off of what the evidence says.

Advanced Dentist, Advanced Smiles

As a dentist of over 25 years, Dr. Kumar has dedicated most of his life to practicing dentistry and creating thousands of healthy, beautiful smiles while remaining at the forefront of patient care, comfort and striving for excellence. The Dental Implant Preserve showcases Dr. Kumar’s commitment at the head of the class with technological precision and instrumentation. Here at Wickham Dental Care in Melbourne, Florida, we make it our priority to perform seamless, precise and correct treatments and procedures for a smooth and comfortable patient visit. Dr. Kumar is committed to being on the cutting edge of dental technology to ensure he is able to be the most advanced dentist in the area and to make sure our unique dental office provides everything our patients need efficiently. Dr. Kumar prides himself on being the dentist that other dentists and dental professionals look to for ways to make advancements in their own practices. Providing excellent patient care is our standard of practice to design smiles to last a lifetime. If you’re looking for an experienced dentist near you, who is able to provide quality care for whatever your need may be, let Dr. Kumar help you achieve your dental goals.

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Dr. Sadesh Kumar

In his pursuit of excellence and expanding his knowledge, Dr. Sadesh Kumar has travelled the world in order to find ways to continue innovating and developing new ways to provide patients with a unique dental experience. Innovation is always a top priority for Dr. Kumar, our state-of-the art dental facility enjoys new age technology to ensure we are always keeping up with the latest dental practices.


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