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While your teeth generally take much of the credit for your ability to eat and speak, your soft tissues perform vital functions that you may sometimes take for granted. Your gums protect your teeth in more ways than one, most notably they keep infection from invading your teeth. While sometimes having too little soft tissue or too much causing a “gummy smile,” can make you feel self-conscious, limit essential oral functions and create risks for your dental health. However, Dr. Sadesh Kumar offers personalized soft tissue periodontal treatments and surgical procedures such as tooth extractions and dental implantation in Melbourne, Florida to not only rebalance and restore your dental health, but to create a healthy smile that’s beautiful and long lasting!

Our restorative oral surgery in Melbourne, FL can remedy your pain and embarrassment!

Signs of Soft Tissue Problems

Surgical Procedures For Restored Dental Health

Sinus Lift

Often required as a first step when placing a dental implant in the back upper jaw, a sinus lift is a form of bone graft used to help strengthen the upper jaw beneath the sinus cavity. A sinus lift is needed when the upper back teeth are lost and bone in the area naturally shrinks or reabsorbs over time, causing your sinuses to expand to fill the empty space. Because there is insufficient bone available to securely place an implant, the sinuses must be lifted to create space for placing additional bone in the area.

bone graft model

Bone Grafting

In short, bone grafting is a surgical procedure that uses transplanted bone to repair and rebuild diseases or damaged bones. With advanced training in bone grafting techniques using PRP and growth factors, Dr. Kumar is able to take a modern approach to your bone grafting procedure. For years, bone grafting procedures entailed taking from another part of your body. With our advanced dental technology and talented doctor, we’re able to limit the number of procedures needed to create a more streamlined and comfortable procedure for our patients.


An apicoectomy is a common dental procedure where inflamed gum tissue and the end of your tooth root are removed while the top of your tooth is left in place. This is performed when inflammation or infection persists in the bony area around the end of your tooth and can be performed after a root canal. Dr. Kumar will open the gum tissue to remove the infected area and the tip of the root. Once this is completed, a small filing may be inserted into the root tip to seal the root canal.

Oral Surgery

Dr. Kumar has years of experience performing various types of oral surgery. His scope of practice allows him to perform all aspects of cosmetic and general dentistry with a specialization in tooth extraction, implants, sedation dentistry, and wisdom teeth extraction. If you are looking to find a dentist able to perform top-tier oral surgery near you, Dr. Kumar can provide you with the highest level of care possible.

Experienced Doctor, Exceptional Care

We understand that undergoing surgery can be nerve racking. But with the precision and gentle techniques of Dr. Kumar, your procedures with us will be met with compassion to ensure your surgeries are comfortable and relaxing. Dr. Kumar has over 25 years of experience practicing oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery in Melbourne, Florida to help patients get the help they need and prides himself on making the process as efficient as possible.  With the help of sedation dentistry and a relaxing environment with an understanding doctor, we can assure you that your dental worries will be put to rest so you can enjoy your dental visit and a healthy smile to last for decades to come!


How Our In-House Lab Saves Our Patients Time and Money

Let us Help Fix Your Smile, Regardless of Finances

We understand that surgical procedures can be pricey and unfortunately, it is entirely too common that people put off getting the surgical care they need because of the damage it often does to the wallet. Dr. Kumar offers affordable tooth extractions and works with several third-party companies to allow patients to get the procedures they need. We also work with various insurance companies to help further assist our patients.

A healthy, balanced smile is what you can expect!

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