How Can I Afford Invisalign®?

an image of a top arch Invisalign clear aligner against a black background.

Tired of living with uneven teeth, crooked teeth, or an overbite? Currently wearing braces that need to get tightened by a specialist every month? For those valued patients who want affordable Invisalign® aligners in Melbourne, FL, a trusted dentist can help.   About The Procedure In Melbourne, FL Invisalign® is a discreet way to straighten […]

What Are The Steps To Getting Dental Implants?

an image of a dental implant model showing the dental implant post placed in the model gumline, the abutment hovering over the implant post, and the dental crown hovering over the abutment and the screw.

Tired of dealing with complicated dental issues, like missing or damaged teeth? Great news, there is luckily a solution to help patients who have these problems. While there are many types of dental restorations patients can choose from, dental implants in Melbourne, FL give patients the functionality of their bite back. Dental implants also provide […]