Dental implant care has become the state of the art for optimum patient care and for the preservation of functional, esthetic smiles, but the perfection of these procedures and protocols is an ongoing pursuit of art and science. Reaching perfection is a goal that requires pristine precision in all facets of treatment. That means skill, experience and tools must all be the best they can be.

We have assembled a team of exceptional professionals with strong credentials, creative ideas and very patient-centered compassion. On the front line of all that is new and exciting in implant dentistry, our facility showcases the most current technology available in its smartly designed surgical suite. And now, the newest member of the team—possibly a first on the entire Space Coast—is a robot named YOMI.

Precise placement of dental implants is key to the success and longevity of the treatment plan, and the job of YOMI is to ensure accuracy. YOMI is a robotic guide with 3D software that allows the doctor and biomedical engineer to virtually plan the case using the patient’s most ideal bone and angles for placement of fixtures. The robot then assists in the surgical placement as a real time guide to the drilling and insertion of the titanium implants. The doctor still retains the control to adjust, but the robot directs the placement. The robot also records and articulates data live during the procedure, confirming that the plan is being executed exactly as the doctor planned it.

YOMI uses what are referred to in surgical lingo as haptic boundaries to keep your procedure on track. It is a newcomer to professional teams, but has already contributed vastly to the predictability and speed of implant placement and to coordination between surgeons and restorative dentistry.

Rocket science is more than just alive and well with coastal launches; it has earned a place in healthcare. YOMI is to dentistry what Da Vinci is to minimally invasive medical surgery. It is futuristic and holds a strong position in achieving smiles.

Yomi Robot Demonstration